Текст молитвы

† † †

Пресвятая Дева Матерь Божия Благая Богородица
Не остави нас своею вечною и доброю молитвою
Вознеси над нашими главами и душами аки голубица
Светлою явленною и радость ожидания прими свою
Заступися и помилуй Матерь Христа Бога умоляющая
Tелом и душою показавшая нам людям Благочестие
На пути идущего лукавых и нечистых удаляющая
Бога ожидающи приносишь ты радостное известие
Pадуйся Пренепорочная и радуйся Пресноблаженная
Светом небеси от этой радости все души согреваются
Oбраза твои сияют помощью и верою нетленною
Чудными иконами твоими разум с телом укрепляются
Возблагодарим тя Дева радости на сердце исполнение
В покаянии зовём тя ты душевной скорби победительница
Вседержавная Царица всяким человекам наставление
Христо-Богородшая и веры православной сохранительница
Пресвятая Дева Матерь Божия благая Богородица
Не остави нас своею вечною и доброю молитвою...

Guadalajara 'Prayer'

† † †

The Holy Virgin good Mother of God
Do not leave us with your eternal and kind prayer
Raise up above heads and souls like a dove
Light appearing and awaiting happiness accept it (prayer)
Intercede and give mercy (to us), pleading Mother of Christ the Lord
With your body and your soul you showed to us Eusebeia
(Mother of God) Removing dishonest and sly people from the way
Waiting for God you bring a joyful message
Rejoice! Immaculate and Non-tempted (Mother of God)
Light of heaven from this happiness all souls become warm
Visions of You shine with assistance and non-perishing faith
Miraculous icons with your image strengthen mind with a body
Grateful to you Virgin for the happiness You bring to our heart
In repentance calling upon You, You defeat our souls' grieves
All-sovereign Queen giving lesson to all folk
Mother of Christ the Lord and a savior of Orthodox faith
Holy Virgin good Mother of God
Don't forsake us for this is your eternal and kind prayer.

Введите число с картинки
I agree! Every time I see this ad I shake my head. I don't get the connection - plus he babbles! None of it has anything to do with the perfume - or lifestyle evoked by the scEne.tveryone here is probably too young - but I still see Catherine Deneuve as the face of Chanel No. 5. It's always been one of my favorite scents.
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Still in all seriousness, why are we, in the West, so mesmerized by His Holiness when he says nothing more than what any self-respecting sangha monk would say? However there are some potential issues you need to take into consideration. Double standards also violate the principle of justice known as impartiality, which is based on the assumption that the same standards should be applied to all people, without regard to subjective bias or favoritism based on social class, rank, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other distinction.

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